July Joys

This month has been memorable in many ways. We have had four separate teams here, and three of them were actually overlapping somewhat! The month started with a teen vision trip from our home church: Faith Baptist Church, in Taylors, SC. The team was comprised of youth pastor, Jordan Alexander, Eric & DeeDee Groves, and 13 teens. They all crashed at our place, and we kept each other quite busy.

We had a full van every time. 

The teens did mimes in the open-air market. 

Taught English at several schools. 

Offered special music to the Lord. 

Played sports. 

Interacted with lots of local teens & kids. 

Did a short river trip, 

including some high-wire canopy walks. 

Tried to pass out flyers (haha!) in anticipation of our medical clinic and prayerfully a church plant in a nearby town.

Held a family fair.

Participated in our anniversary service. 

While the FBC teens were here, the Cusco Bible college (where I go to teach every year) sent a mission team. 

They focused on evangelism all week long, under the leadership of our intern, Hetler Ramos. 

They were a tremendous blessing as they shared the gospel with many adults and children!

Our youth enjoyed getting to know young believers from another part of the country. 

Shortly after they arrived, Mike & Jeanine Kennon, from ORH, as well as our friend Leslie Haynes arrived to spend time with us and prepare for the medical team. 

We visited several villages by river, in preparation for the mobile clinics. 

#wildscamp in the jungle. 

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting an Operation Renewed Hope team for the fifth time (I believe). 

God gave us two days of clinic in a nearby town where we are praying about and working towards a church plant. Our whole family was involved! 

The Lord also allowed the main team to have two days of clinic at church. 

Many commented that our new building was ideal for this large clinic. 

Our last day, with all the team working together, we were able to serve 429 people, assuring that each one heard the Gospel, and had a chance to respond. 

The remote team was privileged to travel to three different villages, including two different ethnic groups. 

This is the chief’s grand-daughter. 

What a joy to see our own church folks serve as the evangelistic team!

In total, we were able to minister to the body and soul of over 1500 people last week. Dozens of people made a profession of faith. We praise the Lord for the extra-ordinary efforts and amazing labor by the entire group.

Thank you for your prayers and support!



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