Medical Missions for the Glory of God

Any medical campaign starts, by necessity, long before the team arrives. We were busy for months with getting permissions, purchasing supplies, coordinating lodging and travel, buying lots of medicine, planning meals, and of course: praying.

The team began to arrive on February 26th. This was a big help because we needed to organize medicine and take inventory. Most of the team came in on the 27th, and we left the 28th.

We loaded this giant metal canoe on Monday morning.

Even though it is over 60 feet long, we filled it up fairly well.

Being on a boat with a big group for an entire week is definitely a bonding experience.

We arrived at our first village on Monday afternoon.

There we held the medical clinic,

passed out eye glasses,

and picked up some pets.

Most importantly however, we gave the Gospel.

Each day we visited a village or two showing the love of Jesus.

In several villages we were able to hold services.

It was always hot.

But God blessed with good locations…

and good weather.

This was a direct answer to prayer.

Since most of the riverbanks were steep and slippery even when it wasn’t raining.

What a joy to be able to serve…

…in such tangible ways…

…to help people physically…

and more importantly…


We saw many amazing sights…

colorful animals…

and beautiful people.

The children were not always cooperative…

but definitely cute!

We are so thankful that we got to share the Gospel with the 275 patients that we saw.

Please pray for the 11 professions of faith that we know of.

and the 7 additional souls who indicated their need to be saved in one village.

May God bless the follow-up in these places…

and the people who made this possible.


Thank you for your prayers and support.




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  1. Dave Stockard Avatar
    Dave Stockard

    Thanks for this pictorial update of your recent trip up the river. We were encouraged to hear of those who made professions of faith.

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