MK Camp 2022


We eagerly gathered together in 2019, a small group of missionaries eager to better serve the missionary kid community. These “Third-Culture-Kids” have a lot of blessings, but they also have a lot of challenges. The last two years have showcased that more than ever. Most international missionaries had plenty and never missed a meal, unlike many of their neighbors. However, most international missionaries didn’t get to see their family and friends as they normally would. Some perhaps felt as if their life-line had been cut. Last year, 2021, the pandemic was still going quite strong here in Peru, and we were not able to get together. That made this year’s camp that much sweeter. A surprising amount of missionary families have left the field, and others were not able to travel this year, due to border crossings still being closed. Our numbers were down significantly, but our joy was full as we met and served last week.

This beautiful campsite is just outside of Lima.

We got to go explore some ancient ruins one day.

They have to water constantly in order to have green grass, but we enjoyed it!

We really enjoyed the teaching from Vann Brock.

The games with Tim Chapman…

and especially the food!

The “game-shows” were a lot of fun!

David Bhadreshwar`s teaching was passionate and encouraging!

Jonathan Stone gave us a great lesson about the “fatted calf”, but probably not the one you are thinking of.

The kids loved playing a new group version of ping-pong.

I got to enjoy time with this lovely lady!

Most of the campers.

Swim time!

Very Important Camp Discussion.


Game time was awesome!

Thankful for the opportunity to preach several times.

no yearbooks? sign shirts instead!

Goodbyes are never fun.

Back to the buses… camp is over until next year.

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