We Pray… God Answers

November 18, 2021

The darkness enveloped us as we sleepily loaded ourselves into the car. More than one tired voice asked what time it was, as we prepared for another long road trip. The children surmised that it looked like midnight, while it was actually nearly 7a.m. What a difference from the jungle! One of the things that we’re still not used to is the amount of daylight in the northern hemisphere. The Peruvian jungle is so close to the equator that we experience full light (soon followed by full heat) shortly after 5 a.m.

God gave us some great meetings and conferences in NC, SC, GA, FL, and OH during the months of October and November. We were thrilled to receive many warm welcomes and cheery reunions! Many people were surprised by the efficiency of our team: Our children have their own presentation and run the kids program at many of the churches we visit. Isaiah does the scripture reading and teaches a song. Abigail shares her salvation testimony. Joseph preaches an age-appropriate message. They show their own video, which gives a glimpse into their lives in Peru, and they all answer questions about the jungle and life as missionary kids. I’m very thankful for their God-given gifts, and we rejoice in the opportunities God has given us!

We just finished our last conference this week.  Now, we will be making weekend trips, since we have nearly every Sunday filled until the end our furlough. We will drive, Lord willing, from upper NY to lower AL during the next few weeks to share what God is doing in Peru. Our family is thankful for every visit, but also for the rest.

We praise God for the hard work of our furlough replacement missionaries and the faithful believers in the jungle. You can imagine the trials and temptations while living in such a dark place, but God continues to work. I just finished a phone call with one of the deacons who shared about some setbacks and lower attendance recently. Please pray that God moves and brings true repentance, revival, and conversion to our town!

The Lord has moved in wonderful ways, providing for so many needs. One church is donating an entire streaming set up, including a professional camera, computer, and tech support. A new friend is locating the best auditorium projector for us, and has donated the hardware to mount it! Other friends have paid for Loren´s doctor visits and meds to try to help her auto-immune disorder. Trinity Baptist, of Westfield, IN, has recently voted to support us, bringing our support level up to 85%. Although we have extra occasional gifts coming in, our committed support is lower than normal due to budget adjustments and cost increases. Please pray with us about that, and praise the Lord for always supplying for our needs.

Please praise with us about:

  1. God’s provision for us and the ministry
  2. A new supporting church
  3. The faithfulness of many believers in the jungle
  4. A nice place to stay when in Greenville over the last two months

Please pray with us about:

  1. Spiritual strength and stamina
  2. Church kitchen equipment $2000
  3. Church furniture and security system $3000
  4. Church sound system $1000

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