May 27, 2021

May 25, 2021

In March, we were finally meeting on Sundays again, when the country put most areas under a strict lockdown once more. There were some churches  that literally got to meet in person just one time, before having to return to virtual services. Someone said, “Online sermons are like watching a flame on TV. You can see the fire, but you can’t feel the heat.” In addition to preaching online, I also taught a three-week online hermeneutics class for the Bible college in Cusco.

We are thankful to report that we are allowed to meet once again, even though it currently cannot be on Sundays. We have new visitors nearly every week, although we are still missing plenty of “pre-Covid” regulars.

We are so thankful that we have been able to begin door-to-door visits, youth group meetings, market tract-distribution, neighborhood volleyball, and even discipleship in the yard. Abigail has begun having Bible studies with her little neighbor friends, and she loves doing it!

We are thrilled to re-start our church institute, although this time, I am meeting specifically with about six men as I train them to study the Bible and prepare sermons. These are men who have already shown themselves faithful, and we pray that the Lord would give them a fruitful ministry even while we are gone.

Last month, we had a couple of break-ins at the church, but within a couple of hours of sharing the news, the Lord had provided for the stolen things, and the police were able to recover some items!

We have taken neighbor children to church with us for years now, but one little boy was so violent and naughty that I had to limit his visits on a couple of occasions. Now he is 13, attending our youth group, has made a profession of faith, and is learning to follow Jesus through discipleship. Please pray that Luis would love and follow God all his life.

We rejoiced in our 17-year anniversary, and I was surprised by the church folks who threw us a party to celebrate as well! What a joy to feel their expression of love for us!

I was unexpectedly called to perform two funerals in the last couple of months. They were both relatives of friends. We glorify God that the Gospel was preached to the unsaved folks present, and we are sobered as we remember the brevity of life and the hopelessness of those without Christ all around us.

Thank you for your prayers and support!


Grace and peace, The Fitzgerald family



Please pray regarding:

  1. The Sechrests as they fill in for us during furlough.
  2. The completion of the church building project.
  3. Team members for the needy fields around us.


Please praise regarding:

  1. We have tickets for furlough, starting in late July.
  2. The building funds God has given so far.
  3. Jeff and Anna Musgrave will come to teach in June.


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