Now this is Encouraging!

Sara Alvarez has a true servant’s heart. She is always serving people and wanting to be a blessing to them both spiritually and physically. She has been a blessing to the church in Puerto Maldonado teaching Sunday school and helping in children’s and ladies’ ministries and on her Bible college campus in Cusco. She has also reached out to the Yine communities in her hometown area with God’s Word and through medical missions’ trips. She has one desire and that is to serve her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and she has been faithful to that cause.
    – Here is her testimony
I was born in a Christian home, but as I grew up my behavior was like everyone else: trying to be included in the girls’ group at school and high school. But I liked to attend Sunday school and youth services. In 2011 I went to study in Lima and there I did what I wanted to do. Every time I did wrong, I did not feel good at all because I had already learned Bible principles. But I remember my parents praying for me, and I thank them for having done so tirelessly.
When I returned home after my studies, I knew that my parents were aware of my bad behavior and I did not hesitate to tell them and ask for their forgiveness. In the year 2012 my parents moved to a native community to share the gospel of Christ there. The truth is that I began to study the Bible and help my parents. We had a visit from a missionary Bernardo Fitzgerald and another companion of his. He spoke very clearly the plan of salvation: what Jesus Christ had done for those who believe (John 3:16) and receive Him as Savior. He also said that we were born with sin and therefore come short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). Likewise, no one will go to heaven for his good works (such as reading the Bible, praying, helping others, etc). I had heard this many times, but this time it stuck in my mind. He read Ephesians 2:8-9, those Bible verses he read would not leave me alone! One morning as the sun rose, it was shining, but my heart was aching because of the questions I had. So, I walked into the woods where I could have a conversation with God and that day at noon in the month of June, 2013 I was able to have a deep conversation with my Creator. I remembered John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:8-9, I could not stop my tears. I cried like a little girl and told him all the bad things I had done in front of Him. I asked him to forgive me and save me and told Him that I needed Jesus Christ and I was aware that with my efforts it impossible to earn salvation. After that wonderful moment, I looked around me and was able to contemplate carefully for a time the perfect creation of a perfect God (Psalm 65:6). He gave me a gift that I do not deserve through Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:5, Romans 3:24). I still do not know how to thank God for that gift, but I do know that I will thank Him forever.
From that moment, I gave my life to Christ and received Him as my only personal Savior. I have my eyes on Jesus Christ and the conviction that the Holy Spirit dwells in me (Ephesians 1:13). My soul rejoices in remembering the moment when I received Jesus Christ as my Savior because it was not a normal day after I made this decision. It was the greatest miracle that ever happened in my life. I still do not know where God will send me, but one thing I do know is that He is my guide and that He wants the best for me too. There is much to do in God’s work because my country has a great need. I know that the communities, towns, and tribes where I come from need to be reached with the message of salvation. In these places there are children who suffer and women who live in fear and some who die; this causes a strong desire in me to be motivated and willing to go where God sends me.
    –  Thank you Patrick Campbell for having her write out her testimony.
P.S. I did not realize any of this at that time!

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  1. What a wonderful testimony. Gods grace and mercy can reach down anywhere and save people. I rejoiced at how God used Buddyvto explain the scriptures so that the light broke through to her heart and mind. God has more victories in store for this country. I’m continuing to pray the Word to break forth into more fruit.

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