No lockdown will stop God’s work!

We are so thankful for the folks the Lord has sent to help us, as we preach and make disciples!

Richard is one of our deacons.

Segundo is another church deacon. I am discipling him to be a full-time missionary to his tribe, the Yine people.

David (right foreground) is a former intern who recently returned and is showing great growth!

Cris was in an apostate church but got saved and baptized. He and his family have been with us almost a year.

Manuel is a Colombian friend. He comes faithfully to help, but is not yet a believer.

Ester was in a church that is very unsound doctrinally. She started to understand the truth, got saved, and then came to us. Loren has been discipling her. We were thrilled with her testimony to the ladies!

Magnita is a national Yine missionary. She was hoping to return to her village months ago, but has been a real blessing here.

Yanet came to us desperate to get baptized so that she could go to heaven. Praise God, we had the privilege of witnessing to her and her family and now discipling them. She also gave her testimony to the ladies outside!

Pictured here but not mentioned earlier are: Karim, Silver, Miguel, Omar, Cesar, and Margarita. Several of them are new believers, and several are not yet saved. You can see here how God has provided great opportunities at this crucial time! God has given us a great group to voluntarily help with His wonderful work here!

Thank you for your prayers and support!