Today I would like to take a little time to tell you about some of the men that I am privileged to work with. These are some of God’s men whom you probably wouldn’t hear about any other way. 
Wilber Huillca has been serving in the jungle for more than a decade now. He has planted two 
churches and started preaching stations in several places. He was used of the Lord to start and direct a Yine audio NT which is now available to many Yine tribal people throughout Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil. His second church plant is in the small, isolated town of Sepahua. Although it is far away from any big city, it is the largest town in that area, and is a hub for more than a half-dozen people groups.
Wilber has the joy of the Lord and a contagious outlook and is now very influential in the area. We took an Operation Renewed Hope medical team into his area in October and saw great fruit. He is currently trying to raise funds to coordinate another Bible translation which has never been translated.
Segundo was saved under our ministry about 8 years ago. In fact, his wife is Wilber’s wife’s aunt. She came to us because of the terrible home life and depression that she was experiencing. My wife soon had the privilege of leading her to the Lord. Within a short time, she changed so much that her husband, Segundo, came to me and said “whatever she has is what I need!” Praise the Lord that he was not only saved, but reported to me a couple of years later that God was  calling him into ministry. Since that time I have been preparing him for the Lord’s work, and sending him out to preach his people group, the Yine. He is a great blessing, and works with me full time.
Alex was the leader of the evangelistic team when we went took an ORH medical team to Pilcopata
Over 6 years ago. During that week, we saw many people make a profession of faith, and the Lord called him back to work with them and pastor there. His wife is originally from that area, and they have had a tremendous ministry there. Groceries and supplies are very expensive there and drug runners rule the area, but the Lord has blessed and protected them. They have been threatened and challenged, but they continue on. He recently preached as the youth speaker at a teen camp in Cusco.
Thank you again for your prayers for and support of these men and the work they are doing for the Lord. Your partnership helps make this possible.