Are you a disciple-maker?

Perhaps you would say “No, I’m not really into making disciples.”

Maybe you don’t feel prepared.

Maybe you have never been discipled.

Maybe you feel that is just for pastors and missionaries.

However, Jesus commanded us all to make disciples.

A couple of years ago I found a book that I think is worth sharing.

It is called “Growing Up” by Robby Gallaty.

However I don’t recommend that you read it, but that you live it.

Here are some cliff notes from the book:

“Growing up” Book Highlights

 Simplify Your mission statement
-Deliver, Disciple, and Deploy
We need fellowship with other Christ-followers. We need encouragement from them. And perhaps most importantly, we need to be accountable to them.
What is disciple-making?
It is intentionally equipping believers with the Word of God through accountable relationships empowered by the Holy Spirit in order to replicate faithful followers of Christ.
What does it mean to be a disciple?
At the very core, a disciple is a learner, one who is set on growing and developing. -Specifically to learn of Christ and be like Christ.
-have three purposes
1. To help you grow in your relationship with Christ
2. Give a defense for your faith
3. Guide others in their relationship with Christ
Look for FAT believers
Each Group Consists of 3-5  FAT people
Committed to the disciple-making covenant
Which includes:
Meeting weekly
Scripture reading and prayer
Memorizing scripture
Weekly Meetings should focus on four elements
1. Study the the word together
2. Scripture memory
3. Accountability questions
4. Prayer
Here is a fantastic sermon worth watching from Robby.
Let’s go make disciples OF Jesus!


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