Just two months

The last two months have been a whirlwind. It would be nearly impossible to tell all of the stories, and recount what God has done, but I´ll try to share a few things using pictures.

When I wrote last I was teaching two block classes at the Bible college in Cusco.

The day after I returned Jonathan Washer, his son, and our friend Thomas Guidinger arrived to do basketball tournaments and go into the prison. While they were here Steve and Bea Klaich from Alaska arrived to pick up their daughter and assist. What great times!

God really blessed the basketball, allowing us to give the gospel to hundreds!

Loren´s mom arrived just afterwards.

Then Andrew and Christy Snow came to do professional video and photography for us!

A few days later I traveled to another part of the jungle to coordinate a medical campaign for some areas needing medicine, but more importantly, God´s Word.

While I was gone, Jessica Huffman arrived to intern with us for two months. She has been a huge help!

During June we started a parenting class at a local school, which the Lord used to give us more contacts and open doors.

God has been blessing our youth group with a lot of fun and with good discussions.

The Lord also has allowed us to take several trips to a native village upriver and continue to disciple our friend who is leading a group of believers there.

On Sunday, July 14, we celebrated our church anniversary! 10 years is hard to believe!

Then we jumped right into our yearly VBS, inviting and cheering! The Lord brought nearly 150 children out during the week, and we got to speak to many parents as well.

Of course, this is not possible without a lot of volunteers, and God has given us some great folks!

It was so exciting to me to look across our property and see all these groups of kids. Many of these groups were hearing the gospel from someone who just heard the gospel and got saved here in our ministry a few years ago!

The team from the Bible college in Cusco was a huge part of all these activities during their week here. We are glad to be teaching faithful men who will teach others also!

Saturday, July 20th found us awake early preparing for the event: family fair was awesome, with a gigantic blow-up slide, a massive puppet show, and lots of wild games. We had over 200 present, and rejoice that God´s Word will not return void!

Thank you so much for reading, rejoicing, and praying!