Peru is amazing!

Peru was the center of the ancient Inca empire until Spanish conquest in 1533. Peru declared independence in 1821. Lima is the capital.

Peru lies on the west coast of South America and is bordered by Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia (with whom they share control of Lake Titicaca – the highest navigable lace in the world) and Chile.

Peru lies along the Ring of Fire, which means it is susceptible to earthquakes and volcanoes.

Peru’s Nevado Mismi is the ultimate source of the mighty Amazon River.

Peru ranks 21st in the world in area and is about twice the size of Texas (or slightly smaller than Alaska).

The highest point is Nevada Huascaran at 22,133 feet (6746 meters).

Peru is rich in natural resources which include copper, silver, and gold.

Population is 31 million (43rd in the world).

Ethnic backgrounds in Peru include: Mestizo or mixed (60%), Amerindian (26%), and others.

Spanish and Quechua are both official languages of Peru, with other native languages spoken in remote areas (like ours!).

Catholicism dominates the religious culture with a “Christian” presence as well. Over 20% are “unspecified” which may include tribal religions

Life expectancy: 74 years

Literacy rate: over 94%