Why medical missions?

For some, the question might seem redundant, and the answer obvious: We practice medical missions to help people!

However, if you were to look around online, you would find a number of objections to medical missions.

Some object to the religious or philosophical grounds.

Others argue that it creates dependency.

Others reason that there cannot be sufficient post-visit care.

Some say that those giving the care are not always qualified.

A few might denigrate the motives of those offering their services.


I can definitely say that we have seen positive and practical answers to these and other questions during our years of medical mission clinics.

Here is a short video sharing a bit about medical missions:

We are very excited about the opportunities through our mini-medical campaign the last week of April.

Would you pray with us:

  1. That God would prepare hearts to hear and receive His Word.
  2. That God would give smoothness, safety, and health during the campaign.
  3. That God would provide the approx. $2000 for travel and to purchase the medicines. (Giving can now be done online here!)
  4. That God would save souls and they would be added to the churches.

Would you praise with us:

  1. God has provided a doctor, a dentist, a nurse, and the possibility of others coming to help as well.
  2. God has given us favor with the local health offices who are working on our permission and paperwork now.
  3. God has given us many contacts where we can hold the clinics and then continue to make disciples of Jesus Christ.