White water for the Kingdom

Below you will see a video of a famous stretch of the “Bajo Urubamba” river. Loren and I first went through here almost 14 years ago just after our honeymoon on our way to the Yine village of Miaría. This time I was privileged to take Segundo Sebastian, our missionary in training; Sattler George, missions intern from our home church, and Dr. Pablo Alegre, from Uruguay with me as we went to the first ever Yine tribal missions conference.

God has placed one of our Bible college graduates, Wilber Huillca, in the area, and he worked hard to make the conference a success. What a privilege to preach many times to these believers, and challenge them to take up the global call for the glory of the Lamb.

Especially exciting to me was the fact that Segundo, who I lead to the Lord and have been discipling, was one of the preachers! To God be the glory!

Oh…and we got to go this this amazing white-water section twice! There is no calling as great and privileged as that of missionary.