Savoring God´s goodness seen in creation.

Peru is a beautiful country with a huge variety of scenery, showing us God´s powerful hand. May we savor God´s love for beauty and for us!

This is Puerto Arturo, a few minutes from our house.

We were able to visit Machu Picchu a couple years ago.

We have a lot of beautiful flowers here, most of which I can’t name.

These ruins (and current houses in the mid-ground) are on the edge of Cusco.

This amazing lodge is on the way to Pilcopata, another part of the jungle.

Just outside of Pilcopata, on the edge of our state, you can see where native peoples roamed quite recently.

We took a church outing to a creek, with a pretty little waterfall.

Nothing like reaping!

Andahuayllas is a needy town where friends have planted a church.

This waterfall can be seen on the way to Pilcopata.

Beautiful flower growing wild and free.

This scene can be appreciated on the way to Huanuco, where some of our church folks are from. We went to a wedding there in February.

If you are in Lima, you can visit a mall called Larcomar, with a great ocean view.

This ancient stone bridge is a few hours from Cusco, in a town called Paucartambo.

As you fly into our jungle, you will see a lot of snow-capped peaks. Peru has 50 peaks at 20,000 feet or higher!

We continue to hold outreach in this poor area outside of town, which is called La Joya. God’s promise will not return void.

Cusco is an ancient city with fantastic architecture.

Looking just across the river from our town, Puerto Maldonado.

Just around the river bend you’ll find the town of Salvation, which is in our state, but takes a minimum of 20 hours of travel to reach it.

This huge flower is called the emperor’s staff.

I spent my first summer in Peru in the sacred valley, a few minutes from this gorgeous waterfall.

We have some massive trees here in the jungle. This one could be a brazil nut tree.

This is the largest suspension bridge in Peru, right here in our town.

These mountains are over 15,000 ft. If you make it to the top, you will be breathless (from experience)!

Snow caps can be seen from many points, although we are quite close to the equator.

As you descend the mountains into the jungle, the flora changes dramatically.

Our plants look quite different from the high Andes vegetation.

I believe this is a small lily.

A storm rolls in, causing the fishing poles to be temporarily abandoned.