Just Barely Survived!

So Loren took the ladies to a conference on the other side of the country. We were just glad to survive the 4 days they were gone! haha


Joseph cooked us eggs every morning!

We continued slaving away on the chicken coop.

We went to check on the 100 chicks we ordered, and spread the gospel seed. The chicks still hadn’t arrived…hence the long faces.

We went out and foraged…for chocolate muffins.

Somehow managing to survive by doing something very strange…ordering food!

We went to the market, sampled their wares, and did a decent job at getting the week’s groceries (although some of it wasn’t as fresh as Mom likes).

And we went to the mini fair and rode the kids’ first roller-coaster!

Of course, the kids camped out in Mom and Dad’s room on the floor.

See Mom, we’re ok, we made it, we’re still alive!

You should be so proud!