Full February

At the beginning of the year, we were still not seeing a lot of rain, and there was work happening on the sink hole.


On February 2nd I began my journey through Lima to Panama with ORH. I mostly worked (and joked) with the Higgins in the eye clinic.


We are grateful to report a lot of wonderful fellowship, and more importantly, about 50 professions of faith. God has raised some wonderful Panamanian servants to do most of the labor in some remote areas.


I returned to Puerto Maldonado on February 11th, and had the joy of preaching the next day to the church family.


However, on Thursday morning, I received the sad news that my brother Bryan’s one month old son, Boaz, had passed away during the night. We made a quick decision for me to go back to the US for a few days, while my family would soon follow to Lima, where we would meet. Bryan and Corinne will need our prayers for quite some time.


The same day I returned to Lima we left for a member’s wedding in the central mountains of Peru. Congratulations!


I also had the privilege of preaching to Richar’s home church!


We enjoyed some time exploring ruins with Richar & Yesenia a couple days later.


After a momentous weekend, We returned to Lima to make some purchases and do some paperwork.


Kris and Rosemarie Blumer were such wonderful hosts, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with them!


We also got to visit an aquarium with the Nuñez family and Abby Chapman.


Also during February the doctors discovered my mom had uterine cancer. Surgery was performed on March 2, and she seems to be recovering well. (Pictured here with a grand-son, Owen).



Thank you for your prayers!