Grace opportunity

Dear Prayer Supporters,

     I pray that this letter finds you well and growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus. I write with a full heart and much gratitude to our great God, who has done many great things for us and continues to show his power in Peru. We have now been in Peru for nearly nine years and have been laboring to plant Grace Baptist Church for almost six years. During the past six years, we have distributed many thousands of tracts, spoken personally with several thousand people, and have seen literally hundreds of visitors come through the doors to know more about Jesus. We thank God for the more than 300 souls who have made a profession of faith during the last nine years during many mission trips, medical teams, church outreach events and personal evangelism.

  As I’m sure you remember, our long-term goal is to not only preach Christ to those who have never heard, but to take the Gospel to those who have never had a chance to hear the good news. Only God knows how many unreached people groups there are spread throughout the massive jungles of Peru. We still firmly believe that God has called us to reach the unreached tribes, and we are excited to see how He is putting things in place for that to happen, including a strong Peruvian church in town that will serve to send more laborers into the harvest and be a base of ministry for us.

  In order for the church to be a strong, independent body, we believe that it must become a self-governing, self-supporting and self-multiplying church. For years, we as a church have been praying for mature leadership, a Peruvian pastor and a church property. As we see God moving us forward in each area, we are now focusing specifically on a purchasing a large, strategic lot that will serve the church for generations.

  The property we are now looking at is in an excellent location, very visible, and well-priced for the area. It is 950-square meters and located in town right on the highway which crosses east to west all the way through the country. It is easily accessible and not too far for any of our people. It also has all the necessary documents and all the utilities already connected. The asking price right now is 290,000 soles, which works out to about $88,000. This may seem like a lot of money, but we see similar properties for three times this price! Although we, as a church, have been saving for years, we currently have a combined USD and Peruvian amount of about $26,000. I am writing specifically to ask for your help in this endeavor. We would like this to be a matter of real partnership. We need your prayers, of course, but I would also like to ask if you would pray about investing in a percentage of this price. The price per meter is about $92. Would you be willing to give for a meter or two? You can now give here through a paypal account set up just for by the mission

Maybe your children or Sunday school class would like to participate (the cost is about $8.60 per foot). How many square feet could they raise over the next few months?

You can send offerings to the Fitzgerald (Peru) Land Fund at

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We have some tentative goals, which will only be possible with true partnership:
2016 – purchase a church property
2017 – construct a church building and classrooms (this stage will require a similar amount)
2018 – install a Peruvian pastor, allowing us to launch into a full-time river ministry.

 The owner has given us six weeks to get the funds together, but I don´t believe he will actually hold it for us if another buyer comes along sooner.

Grace and peace, Buddy and Loren Fitzgerald
Missionary of Faith Baptist Church: (864) 322-0700
Sent through Baptist World Mission: (256) 353-2221

In Christ Alone, Buddy and Loren