Are you still writing “2015”

It may seem like 2015 finished ages ago, but you probably still write it occasionally, so please read our yearly report!

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Activities – We returned to Peru at the end of January, 2015, with thankful hearts for God´s preservation of the life of Cory Wyatt, Loren´s brother in law, through the holidays. We immediately got busy with our normal activities: preaching 2-3 services per week, other short devotionals, men´s and women’s discipleship groups, personal discipleship, and outreach and evangelism. We once again started visiting the nearby tribal villages of Boca Inambari (an Amarakaere village) and Santa Teresita (a Yine village). We hosted a number of teams and interns during the summer months, and the fruit of the largest team (Operation Renewed Hope) was a neighborhood Bible study in a poor area on the east side of town. We have continued there every Thursday afternoon for the past 6 months, and have seen a few professions of faith, although the work is slow. I also preached a missions conference in Lima, and taught two block courses at the Bible college in Cusco. Loren continues schooling the children, and showing godliness as a wife and mother apart from the additional tasks she takes on.

Goals – One of our main goals is to have a team here, for the harvest truly is plenteous. Also, one of the needs we have noticed here is that of training for lay leaders and pastors. With the help and encouragement of Dan Nagao, we started a series of training block courses. We hope and pray that this will strengthen leaders and enable them to disciple others better. We also desire to see church members leading Bible studies in their homes and neighborhoods, which we believe is an essential part of the great commission. An additional goal is to have many trained SS teachers so that the teaching can be done by turn, and not be burdensome to any one person. Finally, we truly want the kingdom to advance and the gospel to go forth, so more Bible study locations are crucial.

Progress – We have been so thankful to meet and work with the Nagao family this year. They have been a true blessing as they have become more and more involved. The Blackburn family has also been a blessing. They were very connected at the beginning of the year, but feel that God has directed their main emphases to other areas. In God’s timing, and for His glory, we were able to hold three training blocks this year: Methods of Bible study, OT survey, and NT survey. We had an average of 15 or 20 students per class. One of the church families began home Bible studies on their own initiative this year, which was a tremendous blessing to watch. Segundo, our Missionary in training, has been increasing in responsibilities and initiative as well. Loren has worked quite hard with the SS teachers, and now has quite a few who are doing a great job. We are thankful to say that although the work has been slow in “La Joyita” the poor neighborhood on the east side of town, the gospel is going forth!

Needs – 1. We continue to pray for a national pastor, a church property, and mature leadership. The first two are easily measured, however the last can be a little harder to quantify. Perhaps one way would be to see how many church folks are discipling others? That is a great need for us. 2. The sink hole near our house continues to enlarge, and is now less than 100 feet from our house, so that is on our minds at times. 3. We are praying that our truck would sell, if it be God’s will, so that we can get something a little newer and more reliable. 4. We need God’s direction in “La Joyita”. We could get a property and build a basic building for about $10,000 but we want to make sure it is His will. 5. Our heart still yearns to evangelize the unreached tribes, and although they are appearing more frequently, God has still made it clear that it is not the time for us to move into the interior jungle, although we are participating in training and building ties with the tribes. 6. Although Cory’s cancer scans are still coming back clear (AMEN!) we know that God could allow it to return if He wills.